Marvelus is the oldest of all Cabello Group companies, it was the first packing of the company, before it was being named Marvelous Int. Foods equipped with two packing’s one in the city of Huehuetan and the other one in Uruapan and central offices in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon this great company is the one in charge of all the sales and national distributions.

Founded in the year 1996 Productora y Comercializadora Cabello represents one of the oldest companies at Cabello Group, with main offices in the city of Tapachula Chiapas, features packing houses certified equipment of hydrotermal treatment and more than 2,000 hectares of production divided in 16 different ranches.

In 2008 Cabefruit Produce LLC, joined the team. With central offices in McAllen, Texas. Becoming the main distributor and commercialization for Cabello Group, and the company in charge of taking our most high quality mango along the United States, and also creating alliances strategically with Ecuador and Peru Cabefrut assures the clients a guarantee of the best quality of mango delivered the whole year round.

Formed in the states of Nayarit and Jalisco, this company came to complement Cabello Group since it was assigned strategically to take one of the most productive areas in the country. With around 700 hectares field supply, main offices and two packing houses equipped and certified with the latest advanced technology in hydrothermal treatments.

Cafer Frutas is one of our newest companies. Cafer frutas is located in the state of Oaxaca and close to Productora Cabello in Tapachula. Cafer frutas is dedicated to packaging and handling exportations.
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